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Polyester TGIC

Polyester TGICPolyester TGIC coatings use the epoxy functional crosslinker triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC). TGIC’s have very good adhesion characteristics, corrosion resistance and exterior durability. They can typically be cured at lower temperatures than urethanes and/or have shorter cure cycles.  In the cure cycle, they have good overbake characteristics and they are less sensitive to outgassing. They also provide good edge coverage and tough, thick films (3–5 mil/75–100 m) due to the inherent higher melt viscosity of the non-blocked TGIC crosslinker. They have equal corrosion resistance to urethane polyesters but they are somewhat less resistant to chemicals.  Some typical applications are automotive wheels, air conditioners, lawn furniture, and air conditioner cabinets.

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