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Southern Product Finishing - Powder Coating

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Who we are

In 2000, Columns Inc. began powder coating their products with electrostatically applied polyester and epoxy paint, or powder coat. It wasn't long before Columns saw the value they could offer the greater Houston area with a "strictly-powder coating" service.  SPF has provided powder coating and metal finishing services to a variety of industries and individuals.

In March of 2016 SPF expanded its capability by installing new equipment to handle larger parts!  Our new system can accomodate parts as large as 10' x 10' x 40' and includes a state of of the art blastroom, paint booth, and oven.



What is Powder Coat?

Chemically speaking, powder coating is very similar to other paints. Where liquid paint contains solvents to keep the paint 'wet' for ease of application, powder coat essentially contains only pigment and resin (the agent that adheres the paint to the substrate).

So if it is so similar to wet paint, why powder coat at all?  By removing the solvent, you change how paint cures, and how it adheres to the part. Several advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings are:

  1. Because there are no solvents that evaporate into harmful or flammable vapors, powder coatings emit zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  2. Powder coating can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  3. Powder coating overspray can be recycled and thus it is possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating.
  4. Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.
  5. Powder coated items generally have fewer appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces than liquid coated items.
  6. A wide range of specialty effects is easily accomplished which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.




Powder is generally applied electro-statically. The powder is positively charged using specialized high-voltage guns and sprayed over the negatively grounded part.  The over-spray powder can then be gathered and recycled.

Once the part is coated in powder, it is baked in an oven at the specific cure temperature and duration of the powder. The resin and pigment melt together to form a continuous coat over the entire part.




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